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In February, 1994, Mayor Donald Wittwer asked Patricia Askins, art teacher at Wapakoneta Senior High School, if her class would accept the challenge of designing artwork that would be appropriate for a “seal of the city”. Numerous designs were submitted by Mrs. Askins’ students.

The basic design by Brandi Geyer, a member of the junior class, was selected. Miss Geyer imagined her family in the early 1800’s standing on the north side of a river looking south. To their backs was a large forest, and to the south, trees had been cleared and ground prepared to provide fields for planting corn and wheat to nourish her family. She had visions of a future city with businesses, a church, and government building all standing against a cloudless blue sky with rays of bright sunlight fanning out as a backdrop.

Miss Geyer’s drawing was presented to members of the City Council May 18, 1994 by Mayor Wittwer. City Council approved the basic design for the seal of the City of Wapakoneta on June 15, 1994 by Ordinance #94-36. In appreciation, Miss Geyer was presented a $100.00 U.S. Savings Bond. Wapakoneta artist Larry McLean prepared the finished artwork of the seal for its use as we see it today.