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In consideration of public health, safety, and welfare of residents and property, the Wapakoneta City Council has recently adopted a ban on “fireworks” within the City limits. Regulations specific to the ban include the following:

  • No person shall ignite, discharge, or explode fireworks within the territorial limits of the City of Wapakoneta.
  • The term “fireworks” has the same meaning as “1.4G fireworks” as defined in Ohio Revised Code Section 3743.01. This definition does not include “novelties”, “trick noisemakers” or “wire sparklers”.
  • The prohibition described in subsection (A) shall not apply to a licensed fireworks exhibitor in the exhibition of a public fireworks display approved by the City of Wapakoneta.
  • Penalty – whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of the following:
  • 1st offense is a minor misdemeanor
  • 2nd offense is a fourth (4th) degree misdemeanor
  • 3rd offense, and all subsequent offences, are a third (3rd) degree misdemeanor

Any questions regarding this ban on fireworks can be directed to the City Police Department at: (419) 738-8802.