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Wapakoneta Public Works Department

Wapakoneta Curbside Recycling

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110 E Harrison Street

While it may not be apparent to the average Wapakoneta resident, the City owns considerable property, generally referred to as infrastructure. This infrastructure includes many miles of roadways along with water and sewer lines. The Public Works Department has the challenging task of maintaining and regularly upgrading this diversified infrastructure worth millions.

The community will readily notice the obvious Public Works activities. In winter, the City's fleet of 5 trucks work long hours to keep roads plowed, salted and brined to keep streets and bridges safe for traffic. During the hot summer months, a regularly scheduled program of street maintenance and upgrades ensure that Wapakoneta can keep moving forward.

The responsibility of the Public Works Department is to maintain the public streets, alleys, and parking lots, public buildings and grounds; snow removal; fall leaf removal; traffic signs; distribution of water; the collection of sewage; the collection of refuse and recycling, including a public awareness program on the need for recycling.

The Public Works Department operates as follows:

Streets & Alleys
This division is responsible for street sign maintenance, repair and minor reconstruction of all streets, city-owned parking lots, and storm sewer structures within the city limits.

Water Distribution
This division is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the city's water distribution system from the Water Treatment Plant to the city's homes and businesses.

Sewer Collection
This division is responsible for the sewer system which transports raw sewage from the homes and businesses to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Refuse & Recycling
This division is responsible for the collection of solid waste and recyclable material. Collection is curbside on a weekly schedule.

  • There are (16) full-time employees including:
  • 1 Superintendent
  • 4 Maintenance II Workers
  • 2 Maintenance I Worker
  • 2 Laborer II Workers
  • 1 Mechanic
  • 3 Refuse Workers
  • 3 Recycling Workers

Here are some highlights of 2012 activities:


Sewer Collection:

  • 21 feet of mains and 23 laterals for home owners were televised.
  • 3418 feet of sewers were cleaned.
  • 14 catch basins were replaced, repaired, or installed.
  • 587 feet of pipe were installed.
  • 2 manhole castings were repaired, replaced, or installed.
  • 55 storm or sanitary sewer complaints were investigated.
  • 535’ of roots were cut from sanitary sewers with a sewer jet.

Streets and Alleys:

  • 133 loads of leaves were collected.
  • 34 sign posts were repaired.
  • 128 signs were repaired. 
  • All alleys were graded and stoned twice (18.96 miles).
  • All streets were cleaned once a week, weather permitting.
  • 19 repairs to yards were made.
  • 147 yards of concrete were poured.
  • 30 repairs with hot mix were made.


Wapakoneta Public Works Department
Public Works Department



  • Wapakoneta had an average of 3900 residential refuse and recycling customers in 2012.
  • There are 172 total commercial refuse customers per week.
  • The total commercial and residential refuse collected was 3680.45 tons.
  • 786 cases of large white and 149 cases small black refuse bags were sold and distributed for use by residents.


Total recyclable material collected: curbside, commercial, and Saturday drop-off:

  • 24,328 lb.- aluminum cans
  • 44,375 lb.- tin cans
  • 112,510 lb. - plastic
  • 270,603 lb.- glass (clear, brown and green)
  • 697,600 lb.- newspaper
  • 446,415 lb.- cardboard
  • 65,436 lb.- scrap metal
  • 1100.33 total tons of recycling collected in 2012

The cost of landfilling the above material would have been $73,314.99.  The amount paid to service groups working at the recycling center was $36,244.27.  With the amount generated by material sales and tipping fee savings the TOTAL COST SAVINGS TO THE CITY OF WAPAKONETA was $148,393.52.

Wapakoneta maintained a recycling rate of 22%.

Saturday Drop-Off Recycling is located at 510 North Water Street and runs from 9am until noon.  Wapakoneta recognizes Marlene Froning and the volunteer groups that benefit from the Saturday Drop-Off program for the success of this unique community endeavor. In 2012 the Saturday recycling groups earned $500.00 to $600.00 for their four hours of manning and sorting recyclables. Twenty-nine hundred gallons of used oil was collected and used to heat the Street Department and the Recycling Center.

How Refuse and Recycling Works

Compost Farm:

  • 3063 vehicles dropped off compostables. 
  • 90 loads of mulch were sold.
  • 65 loads of firewood was removed.
  • 100 Christmas trees were picked up in January.

City Farm Hours and Prices

The Public Works Department is available to supply the citizens of Wapakoneta in whatever needs they have. Whether rescuing animals or personal belongings in catch basins, investigating and resolving sanitary and storm sewer complaints, flooding issues, leaf collecting, snow plowing, ice control, we are capable of handling most anything the day may bring.  We also continue to be available in assisting other departments as needed.