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The Wapakoneta Engineering Department is responsible for all engineering related projects in the City. This work includes reviewing and issuing building permits, contractor registration, administration of public works and other construction projects, technical reviews and reports for the City Council, Planning Commission, Zoning Commission and issuance of sanitary sewer and water authorizations.

The department is also responsible for all water and sanitary sewer service connections, the preparation of engineering plans and specifications for a variety of public works projects, the supervision of subdivision road construction, and traffic engineering reports.

In 2014 Community Development Block Grant funding will be used for several sidewalk maintenance projects including replacement of sidewalk along one side of Gibbs Street from Benton Street to the rail road tracks.  On Wagner Street, a sidewalk will be installed from Douglas Street to Verterans Memorial Park and on Lincoln Street, a sidewalk will be installed from the Wapakoneta Manor to the Defiance Street Intersection.

Wapakoneta has received a grant under the 3rd phase of Safe Routes to School, which will provide funding for a sidewalk on Laurel Drive east to Hamilton Street and the west side of the block between Poppy Drive and Carnation Drive.

The annual reclamite program will be executed again this year. An asphalt rejuvenator, Reclaimite promotes and extends the life of existing asphalt surfaces by 5 to 7 years.  Streets listed for 2014 include Carnation from Stoneybrook to Warren, Poppy, Parlette Court, Veit, Apollo and Riverside.

A downtown overlay with enhancements project is planned with a grind off and resurfacing of Auglaize Street from Blackhoof to the CSX Crossing.  New striping, decorative crosswalks, hanging baskets, banners, trash recepticals are expected when merchants and the engineer finalize the list.  The contractor is expected to be able to grind and prepare the street in one day and lay the new surface the following day.

The storage building across from the gazebo in Harman Park is to be converted into a public rest room facility.

Augalize County will be paving Glynwood Road this summer and has agreed to add a bike lane on the north side of the street from Hamilton to Stoneybrook.

Planning for more improvements:

In 2015, the West Auglaize Street reconstruction project will be started with $2.3 million from the Small Cities grant.  The engineer has proposed spending $775,000 to improve Buchanan Street with an Issue 1 grant covering $350,000 of the cost if the grant can be secured.  If the money cannot be secured, this project would be moved to 2016.

In 2016, the city would like to begin to improve the area behind downtown and start the Heritage Walkway project designed by Garmann-Miller & Associates. Grant writing has begun toward this goal.

In 2017, the engineer has proposed improvements to County Road 25A with a grant that she will apply for in 2014.  This project is currently estimated to cost $1.56 million.

In 2018, the engineer has proposed $1 million be spent on improving Stinebaugh Drive.

Each year the reclaimite and asphalt overlay projects will continue to extend the life of existing pavement costing approximately $130,000.

Engineering Personnel:

Tom Stinebaugh, Mayor

701 Parlette Court  |  Wapakoneta, OH 45895   |  419-738-3011

Mailing Address:
City of Wapakoneta, PO Box 269, Wapakoneta OH 45895-0269