City Council

Your Wapakoneta City Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:30 pm at Wapakoneta City Hall located at 701 Parlette Court.


City Council Members

  • Council President – Steve Henderson (R)
  • 1st Ward Council – James R. Neumeier (D)
  • 2nd Ward Council – Daniel Lee (R)
  • 3rd Ward Council – Bonnie Wurst (I)
  • 4th Ward Council – Chad Doll (R)
  • Council At-Large – Terry Campbell
  • Council At-Large – Rodney Metz
  • Council At-Large –  Chad Dunlap

Wapakoneta City Council

Council Committees

(Revised 1-1-2018)

  • Bonnie Wurst-Chair
  • James Neumeier
  • Chad Doll

Streets, Sidewalks & Alleys:

  • Chad Doll, Chair
  • Jim Neumeier
  • Rodney Metz

Lands, Buildings & Building Code:

  • Terry Campbell-Chair
  • Daniel Lee
  • Chad Doll

Communications & Rules:

  • Chad Dunlap-Chair
  • Terry Campbell
  • Bonnie Wurst

Volunteer Firefighters Dependants Fund:

  • Bonnie Wurst-Chair
  • Rodney Metz

President Pro Team:

Special Appointment: Bonnie Wurst

CIC Board Members:

  • Bonnie Wurst
  • Tom Stinebaugh
  • Floyd T. Gregg


  • Rodney Metz, Chair
  • Bonnie Wurst
  • Terry Campbell

Parks & Recreation:

  • James Neumeier, Chair
  • Chad Dunlap
  • Daniel Lee

Health & Safety:

  • Daniel Lee, Chair
  • Rodney Metz
  • Chad Dunlap

WAEDC Board Members: (3 Representatives)

  •  Mayor Tom Stinebaugh
  • Council President Henderson
  • Appointed Council: Chad Doll

Privilege of the Floor Request

The meetings of the Wapakoneta City Council are open to the Public; however, no person except members of Council, the Mayor, or city officials may speak unless that person secures “Privilege of the Floor” by one of the two following methods:

  1. Contact with the Clerk of Council either by phone or by letter prior to 4:30 PM on the Monday of a regular meeting of Council.
  2.  Presenting to the Clerk of Council prior to the meeting a form (available from Clerk by request) showing the name and address of the person wishing to speak and the subject matter of his presentation.

Council Clerk Terry McDonald may be reached by:

Those receiving Privilege of the Floor will be permitted to speak only on matters which he or she identified in writing when requesting the Privilege of the Floor.  The speaker shall make remarks from the speaker’s stand.  Each speaker shall be limited to five minutes for presentation and up to an additional five minutes to answer questions of council.  Council will hold all questions until the second five-minute period.  Additional time may be requested by the speaker or by any member of council.  A two-thirds majority vote of council shall be required to approve such a request.

Tom Stinebaugh, Mayor

701 Parlette Court  |  Wapakoneta, OH 45895   |  419-738-3011

Mailing Address:
City of Wapakoneta, PO Box 269, Wapakoneta OH 45895-0269